Friday, June 29, 2012

let's get mauied

One year ago I designed a wedding suite for a friend, Becky, who got married in Maui. Yes, Maui :) Could you imagine how awesome it would be to go to Hawaii to vacation all while marrying your best friend while you were there? Pretty awesome if you ask me. In celebration of her one year anniversary, I am FINALLY posting her wedding materials. We covered it all from invitations, stickers, huggers, programs, weekend agendas, cups and more. Her colors were coral, turquoise and ivory. And the native Hawaiian pineapple was themed around her wedding, which she also gave to guests as they arrived in Maui for the week! (Not sure why some of my files are saving white, but you get the picture, hopefully!) It was such a great design experience to work with Becky and I am very honored to post these materials today.

Happy Anniversary Becky and Matt!

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