Monday, March 19, 2012

personal notes

I really love getting thank you notes in the mail. Not just to read a friendly thanks from a friend, client or loved one, but also to see what the stationery looks like. When I design, I am always designing custom work, so I try to make the design reflect the person. So when I receive a notecard in the mail, I love to see what that specific person chose as their personal statement. I know most people could care less what the notecard looks like, but I guess that's part of my creative nature... to see inspiration everywhere.

announcing new ones

I just heart birth announcements. Nothing sweeter than seeing a newborn sleeping peacefully.

up and down

I figured I'll upload a few design images while waiting on my email to download a few design images to clients.

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous spring weather. We have been outside constantly the past weekend and today... attending a local arts and crafts festival, playing in the water hose, staining an outdoor table, clearing out overgrown azaleas, visiting with family, having picnics... you name it and we will find any reason to hang outside these days.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


If you know me personally or my family, then you know we are down for a visit to the local Mexican restaurant any night of the week (sometimes we have been known to frequent twice a week - once on a week night and once a weekend!) Obsessed, much? Even Bennett loves chips and salsa and LOVES cheese quesadillas! So I was so excited to have two different requests for Mexican Fiesta Invitations! My love of ritas and fajitas could come to life with my love of design - and my two worlds collide :)