Friday, October 19, 2012


Recently I have known three families to welcome sets of twins into their families. Double the blessing and double the fun - and double the sleepless nights!!! :) Just typing that sentence exhausted me. I don't know how those mommas do it with two, but I have the utmost respect for them because just having one can rock your world :)

My next door neighbor has twin boys who are approaching their tenth birthdays. We met them when they were three. It has been so fun watching them grow up and mature. So much alike, yet so different from one another. And so fun to see how they function as one being as well as two. It's the coolest thing!

Meet Sam and Will. These two brothers are adorable. Absolutely adorable! I have not met them in person, but if I did I would just melt to pieces. Those lips and sweet hands folded :) I am sure these babies will grow up just as our neighbors have. Best little buddies!

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