Thursday, October 18, 2012

mac attack

Oh my goodness, is this baby not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I could cuddle bug sweet baby Maclin all day long. One hour of visiting this little guy was not enough for me. Talk about baby fever :) he will do it to you. I need a Mac attack... and fast!

Maclin's mom, Sarah, knew exactly what she wanted before he ever arrived (she is my most organized friend... if there was a word that trumped 'organized' than that would be it - I would pay money to have a snapshot of her face when I pulled out my wallet overflowing with receipts and junk the other night... she looked like she could have a heart attack as I tried to shove all the contents back into the wallet that is not even close to clasping shut - haha. I wish she could teach me a thing, or two, or three about getting organized because I need it)! Okay, back to the order of business. She met me with her ideas and we had these materials designed and waiting for his entry into this world way before he was due :) Did I say she was organized :) ?

I LOVE the simplicity of the baby blue stripes paired with the gorgeous black and white photograph. Isn't he beautiful? And I especially LOVE that she opted for printing baby blue stripes on the back of the announcements too. Details!

Sarah also wanted to have the Baptism Ceremony and Reception before she had to return to work, so we designed the Baptism invitation to coordinate with the announcement so she could send them together in the mail. I am really pleased with the printed materials and the combination of the two pieces. They stand alone as well as work together nicely.

Thanks Sarah for allowing Rice Designs to create a custom look for your precious baby :)

Also, the beautiful photography was done by Janie Long Photography. You should definitely check out her work, as it is amazing! You can find her on Facebook.

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