Wednesday, October 24, 2012

one is fun

First birthday parties are the sweetest of parties. Everyone is so excited to see that precious baby have their first sugar and celebrate a wonderful year of new life. Whether a small family party at home in your back yard or a big bash with friends galore, it's the first birthday party that you will remember forever. For first time parents it's a celebration of 'we survived the first year' and for others it's a celebration of 'has it already been a year?'. But all in all, the first birthday is the sweetest milestone for any family.

Wright and Sally both had very similar invitations. Sweet, simple and classic birthday joy :)

Square Calling Card (2.75" x 2.75")
Qty 15, $20.00
Qty 25, $25.00
Qty 50, $40.00
Qty 75, $60.00
Qty 100, $85.00

One-Sided Square Invitation and Envelope (Custom size)
Qty 15 - 25, $2.25 each
Qty 26 - 50, $2.05 each
Qty 51 - 75, $1.90 each
Qty 76 - 100, $1.80 each
Qty 101+, $1.75 each

Cupcake Toppers
$1.00 each

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