Sunday, January 29, 2012

rice designs free giveaway

Ok, so I am waaaaaaaay over due on the Rice Designs Free Giveaway that I was going to do monthly... what can I say besides life caught up with me and I was just trying to keep my head above water the past couple of months. And well, I will never be caught up, but I am taking a moment out of the busyness to announce the next Free Giveaway.

My sweet sis is having a bouncing baby boy on Thursday. Technically she was due this past Saturday, Jan 28th, but no bambino yet. So it could be any day, any minute now and boy, oh boy, am I on pins and needles waiting for my sweet nephew! With this said, below is the challenge for the Rice Designs Free Giveaway for the month of January.

I challenge everyone to leave their best guess on sweet baby Jay's arrival stats!

You MUST become a follower of Rice Designs blog to enter to win. And you must be signed into Blogger to publish a comment. PLEASE leave your guess in the COMMENTS section under this blog post.

Make sure to include your name, email address along with Jay's birthday, weight, length and time of birth.

And once he arrives I will compare stats and whoever is the closest will get a free set of 24 custom calling cards! And did I mention there will be 5 lucky winners?

Looking forward to seeing your best guess and meeting my sweet nephew! And I ask that you all keep my sister in your thoughts for an easy, safe and healthy delivery and baby :)

the love train

Valentine's Day is fast approaching! I never really celebrated Valentine's Day until I had a baby. Even being married, my husband and I felt like it was silly to put so much pressure on February 14th. And I always remember hating Valentine's Day when I was in college. It was a day that made you feel like having a pity party for being single. You dig me all you single ladies?

And although I tell my sweet B and family I love them on a daily basis, I am now at the point in my life where I feel like I am so blessed and life is too short, so why not celebrate, and celebrate BIG!

The love train has come to town and made quite an impact in our home... Red velvet cupcakes with buttercream frosting and red sugar candy sprinkled on top... cupcake toppers with family fun messages printed on polka dot and striped backgrounds... individually wrapped chocolates... bright magenta flowers in cylinder vases... gifts for our sweet baby boy... new tennis balls for our spunky springer spaniel... and funny, cheesy Valentine's Day cards between the hubby and I. And although I still DON'T believe you should embrace love only one day out of the year, I do believe everyday is a blessing and I am thankful to have a reason to celebrate.

Calling Cards make a great Valentine's Day happy for friends!

2011 christmas card birth announcements

And below are a few combo's of Christmas Card and Birth Announcements. Joy to the World sweet babies!